eDoctorToday is a unique cloud based virtual office that is HIPAA secure with all your provider practice tools in one place. Secure eMail, secure scheduling, secure video, secure EMR, secure ERx, and Secure merchant services. It allows you to see patients anytime, and anywhere. The same as face-to-face consultations – but more convenient.   Our remote Telemedicine platform provides mental health professionals with a convenient, secure, affordable, and most importantly an effective form of treatment for medical treatment.


Convenient, Secure, And Effective

Physicians  connect with clients from a secure cloud based environment that ensures complete patient confidentiality. You can have total confidence that your virtual sessions are secure!

 High Definition Video / Audio

Our subscribing Physicians their patients with clear real-time video in the convenience of their own homes. They are able to see more patients in less time.

Subscribing Physicians now see patients in High Definition Video and  High Quality Audio on Smart Phones, iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops.

Travel No Longer Necessary

Our remote system is an ideal solution for routine medication reviews, travel sensitive patients, and rural regions of the country that have no services.


Say Goodbye to waiting rooms!